The glory, the human, and the mother: a cartography, Video with sound, 17:35 minutes, 2017

Wanderings, speculations and observations in search of the vestiges of three monuments in Eastern Anatolia, Georgia and Armenia. Oscillating between archival materials and documentations from the monuments’ sites, “The glory, the human and the mother; a cartography," follows and observes three different monuments which were built and later demolished, altered or repurposed. These cycles of construction and demolition, each are part of a different nation-making project in the caucasian region, namely Eastern Anatolia, Yerevan and Central Georgia. Movements, objects, photographs and fluxes of different materials seem to be repeating one another, photographs lose their authors and every picture can be read in relation to the hitherto visible or offers an anticipation of the forthcoming. The narrator does not clarify an ending for the events surrounding these monuments over the past years. It seems that these human-made structures have become inseparable from the landscape they occupy, and the different spatial-temporal exchanges between the sites, the humans and the everyday routines surrounding them, albeit far in distance, are not so dissimilar in their effect in memory.


+a full online version of the video is available on my Vimeo page, and is accessable in the above gallery.