Installation views of "Truthful and credible witness", "Unjoined" and "When there was joy", 2014

Installed and conceived as my graduation thesis project, “Illusion makes parallel lines”, is a room to wander in, listen, pause and behold. Three different video installations merge into one. They share sound, movement with a reciprocal visual relation between them. Experiments with body movements and little pockets of performative interventions in a studio setting are transformed into meditative moving images, or in other words, moving bodies inside images. The viewer bears witness to these shifting bodies, whose movements and gestures are subtle and yet their accumulation only makes them apparent. These pieces have been shown separately in different venues. “Unjoined” is without sound, and “when there was joy” and “truthful and credible witness”, are both with sound. They all can be experienced and shown in loop.


+for the full length version of these works, please kindly send me an email request.