Notes on Seeing Double, Video with sound, 11:10 minutes, 2018

What is the anatomy of a revolution? Masses of bodies with a collective desire? “Notes on Seeing Double” takes the figure of speech of “Temsaal | تمثال” in Farsi as its point of departure to unpack this question. Through a rare juxtaposition of a documentary photograph taken in the February of 1979 in Tehran and a painting drawn by Rembrandt depicting the famous anatomy theatre of Amsterdam in 1632, “Notes on Seeing Double” analyzes the conditions of visuality within different systems of knowledge production. Written and directed as a video-essay, it looks at the threshold of seeing and remembering, a gateway into unpacking the relationship between pre-existing images, language, memory, and the ways images are entangled with different processes of visualization. Stream of thoughts are accompanied by sutured images, combining diaristic essayist strategies with prose-fiction. “Notes on Seeing Double” weaves together observational footage with historical images and wavers between being imaginative, fictitious, or real.

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