Various videos, Duration and sound variable, 2012-2014

This body of work, consisting of over ten individual video pieces, stands as a transitional framework in which experiments with body movements and pockets of performative interventions in different milieux are transformed into meditative moving images, or in other words, moving bodies inside images. In these video works, the presence of the photographic/filmic apparatus is as tangible as the continual unfoldings of the body movements. Yet this present is one that is contingent upon the passing of time, movement of objects, bodies or enduring a gesture. One does not know the lifespan of these pockets of experimental movements and interventions. They may have been performed before their exposure to the camera, and they bear the promise that they may be continued in front or outside of the camera frame. These pieces have been exhibited separately in different venues.  Most of them can be experienced and shown in a loop.


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