Auxiliary Mirrors, Video with sound, 12:07 minutes, 2016

“Auxiliary Mirrors” is an experimental  video-essay set around the ‘status of image’, its materiality and the latent narratives it can or cannot make visible; in other words, what is visible and inside the frame becomes tantamount to what is missing and out-of-frame. “Auxiliary Mirrors” analyzes four sets of archival videos and images in order to investigate the role of cameras in formation of historical narratives and collective memory. It further discusses the anonymity and multiplicity of conditions and actors in creating what we come to know as an “iconic” image.  Structured as an essay, it looks at the frame of an image as a container of space, bodies, and stories, once taken out of its chronological order can be reframed and plotted into another narrative. “Auxiliary Mirrors” studies (moving)images not as entities with a linear lifespan but rather as things that are always in process of becoming and following Derrida, looking at their archival status as being malleable, can alter their future and afterlife.


+a full online version of the video is available on my Vimeo page, and is accessable in the above gallery.